The objective of Hebra is the social revolution. Our concept of revolution is concretized in the political aspect, in a society without hierarchies or institutions based on electoral representativeness. In the economic aspect, in a self-managed society in which both the means of production and the product of labor are communitarian and each person gives according to his capacity and takes according to his need.


In order to get closer to its objective, Hebra will carry out a multitude of activities, among which we highlight:

– Financing and construction of spaces and facilities necessary for the development of our free community (housing, workshops, recreational facilities, libraries, theaters, etc.).

– Support of all kinds (formative, economic, psychological, etc.) to other groups that want to constitute free communities.

– Promotion of local, regional and international networks of free communities and involvement in their development.

– Comunal planning of consumption

– Collectivization of means of production and work products

– Libertarian schooling

– Solidarity and community welfare systems (solidarity funds, nurturing and childcare projects, health, care, etc.).

– Conflict resolution mechanisms (facilitation dynamics, emotional assemblies, etc.)

– Relationship with nature, ecology

– Direct management of space and territory (houses, water, parks, streets…)

– Self-defense

– Technological sovereignty

– Food sovereignty or the ability of the community to define its own agricultural and food policy, in accordance with sustainable development objectives. It should offer the community a strategy to resist and dismantle capitalist and corporate trade and the current food regime.

– Energy self-sufficiency

– Participation in emancipation struggles (feminist, anarcho-syndicalist, social, etc.) and their interconnection to tend towards integral forms of struggle.

Hebra is a project with political content that is reflected in our declaration of basic agreements, which implies a link with social struggles and not being isolated from them. With this objective, the project will offer spaces and activities open to society.


The Assembly is our only decision-making body. Decision-making in the community is only by consensus.


To admit new members in the community there must be unanimity.

People holding repressive positions in society (police, military, jailers, judges, etc.) cannot be part of Hebra. Neither can people who stand for representative elections at any level, nor employers, self-employed with employees or anyone who has the function of, or the ability to, sack or alter working/legal conditions in the labor area. Doubtful cases should be dealt with in an assembly.


You can lose the status as member of Hebra for three reasons: voluntary resignation, failure to meet the admission criteria or expulsion.

In order to voluntarily withdraw from Hebra, it is enough to communicate it to the Assembly.

Expulsions from the community are agreed by consensus, excluding the affected person or persons. We believe that in no case should a sanctioning procedure or a list of reasons for expulsion or sanction be drawn up. Only the assembly will decide in each case the process to be followed and the measures to be taken.